“Good Web Design is about the character of the content,
not the character of the designer”

Jeffery Zeldman

A Website Design is a solution to a problem.

Almost 100% of people search online now before they head to the shops. Identifying what your possible client requires and having your website answer their question is the key to success online. The strategy of your website therefore becomes the key problem a website design company should help you solve.

We can give you all the bells and whistles, from a slideshow to getting good Google rankings, however we find that customising our solution to the problem you are trying to solve is a much more effective return on investment. That is why each project we work on, we give the utmost care and attention, and we put functionality and strategy as a priority.

We don’t offer “cookie cutter” website design packages, but we do have a minimum standard and requirement for all our websites

Our Website Features Can Include

revolution web design responsive web design

Mobile Responsive

Make sure your clients get the best experience possible with our responsive website designs. With a responsive design your website will change shape to fit the device it’s being viewed on, so your website will look great on a computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

From 21st April 2015 Google is now giving website that are friendly for mobile device uses more priority over other websites, when they are viewed on a mobile device. Approx. 30% of website traffic is from mobile users.

revolution web design website care

Website Care Packages

We only work with companies that are dedicated to improving there online presence. We feel so strongly that you need to constantly work on your website, and as part of our commitment to each other to achieve success for your website, in the first year of joining us, you need to belong to one of our website care plans. These plans ensure you peace of mind, that your website will be up and available for your audience, and help you with all your small tasks that you might require such as updating information, changing images or adding a new testimonial.

revolution web design upgradable solution

Future Proof Solutions

All of our solutions are upgradable over time as your business grows, or your requirements change. We won’t box you into a proprietary system, in fact our websites are built on the most popular website platform WordPress. Over 74 million websites depend on this platform, and the community and resources available are beyond your imagination, so there is no need to worry that our smaller boutique company won’t have the resources or knowledge available.

revolution web design content management system

Easy to Change Content

Be in Control and make simple changes to your website with our easy to use Content Management System. Our CMS will allow you to independently make changes to your text and photos. helping you get your information up to date and your visitors continually engaged. No technical knowledge required, and we have online training to help.

revolution web design search engine optimisation

Basic SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is nothing more or less than your websites visibility in a Search Engine’s organic (unpaid) search results. It’s the ability to get your website noticed by a search engine, and therefore listed in it’s results when someone searches for you, or a business like yours, or a product or service that you might offer. We use search engine friendly techniques and will help you with basic onsite optimisation.

revolution web design clean simplistic design

Clean, Functional and Professional

At Revolution Web Design we agree with Leonardo Da Vinci when he said “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” A website should be easy to understand and navigate, to find the information you require. We are masters at clean, functional and professional design.

revolution web design social media integration

Social Media Integration

Generating Trust with your customers is one of the biggest roles a website can help you achieve. Integrating your website with social media such as facebook and google+ couldn’t be easier, and is a must to help build your online profile. It also opens up unique ways to communicate with your clients.

revolution web desing web analytics

Powerful Reporting

Are you interested in how your website is performing? Identification of your websites strengths and weaknesses with accurate statistics and performance tracking through Google Analytics and Web Master Tools, is a must. Using this information you can tune your website to optimal performance.

revolution web desing support services

User Training

We offer online video training, and hard copy paper manuals with every website. We also can help with one on one training if you feel this is also beneficial, at an additional cost. We won’t leave you stranded with a new website, and no way to use it.

Types of Website Designs We Offer

Although we do not offer package deals, we think its a good idea to help you out with some of our solutions, and the starting price you may expect for something similar. We are able to offer websites to suit most budgets. Please get in contact, we would love to hear from you today.

One Page

Our One Page Layout is simplicity at its best. A website user typically starts from the top and works their way down, but with navigation we can get easily distracted. Taking away this distraction, can help weave the story you want to tell as the user moves down the page. It is also great for your search rankings as all your information is on one page.

The Long Drive Motors example has an internal navigation, that leads you to locations on the same page.

Websites like this start from $2997

Multi Page

Our Multi Page Layout is a full multiple page website, and is best for those with a more complicated message, or multiple offerings for their clients. It will allow you that extra space to branch out, and offer more detailed information about your company’s products, and allow you to have a blog, newsroom, team profile page, or a portfolio page. It may also help you create greater trust and credibility with your prospective clients, as there is a greater amount of information.

The Invercargill Backpackers website is a great example of a basic multi page website. Websites like this start from $4497. For something more complicated, and at additional cost, The Lubeshop is a great example.

Real Estate Marketing Solution

Looking at selling you house, and want that extra flexibility with your online marketing campaign. We can work with you and your agent if necessary to add that extra flare. With the ability to have downloadable information such as LIM reports or extra videos and image galleries. A basic website would normally work with the images and text created in your other marketing material, and start from $660

Our Process

When we work together on your web design we step into your world and really take the time to understand your business to help you come up with perfect online solution, that will add value to your business. 


Firstly we will get to know your business and business goals then together we will find your target audience, as this is where we should be focusing our energy and resources. Identifying your ideal target audience helps identify your customer frustrations, needs, wants, and buying habits, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business, website and other online ventures.

Design and Production

We are in the nitty gritty now: design and production. This is where we create strategic designs, develop layout and structure, and produce your fully functional and responsive website. We're in close contact throughout the process to ensure we are always on the correct track.

Growth and Support

With your new website launched we continue to support and help your website grow with our Website Care Plans. Not only do these plans provide you piece of mind your website is safe and secure, with our small tasks, or content management sessions we can help you make small changes, add new content, and help you grow your website on a month to month basis.


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